How to improve the efficacy of your website?

Improve the efficacy of your website

Have you ever thought what to do to make your website profitable? Where to start and how? The answer is simple. First of all, you should define your all goals and start monitoring what happens on your website. Conclusions will come quickly.

What is conversion and why it's worth to define goals for your website?

Shop, blog or company card- everybody who’s online get his own business model. For some, the most important is if products are sold, for others the most important is if users sing up for newsletter, making an inquiry or just if website is getting new fans.

Everybody, as well as you, should determine the specific goals. The desired activities of your website visitors based on quantitative data:

  • You run a shop with an assortment. Your goal may be 1,000 monthly purchases made by customers or revenues of 100,000 USD/month.
  • You're a copywriter and you are running the professional blog, where readers can subscribe the newsletter. Determine how much loyal readers will keep you satisfied. 100, 10,000 or perhaps more?
  • Do you build community on you fan page? Determine the number of fans you’ll get every month.

There are many examples. However, the number of conversion depends on various factors: type of website or even a subjective evaluation.

What indicators should be monitored?

Knowledge of the number of users, who’s making the expected action per month is not everything. You should also follow the other important indicators, such as bounce rate, number of pages per session, time spent on your website, level of new and returning visitors. Extensive analysis can answer the question: are we going in the right direction?

High level of new users also can have a negative impact, even more if the average number of pages per session is very low. In both cases, the data indicate that website doesn’t go to the right target. Users who are visiting the website, are not founding what they are looking for. They’ll close website forever. You must change the content of your website or start to plan your new marketing strategy.

If you focus your activities on Facebook. You should monitor your posts reach number, number of likes, number of comments and shares. Afterwards you’ll be able to rate the level of engagement of your fans and range of your fan page.

Are you a music producer? Analyse number of downloads of your music files, number of comments and number of watching your Soundcloud profile. On YouTube, monitor the number of channel’s subscribers and number of likes. In this way you will find what people think about your production.

Some ideas for promoting your website

Specific objectives encourage us for digging out new ways of reaching new users. As new way you can find sponsored links in google, advertising on forums or banners on popular websites. Each way is good if it’s effective:

The most important marketing activities that generate traffic, are:

  • SEO - Google has more than 90% of market share e.g. in Poland. Everybody is focused on it. Website positioning is aimed to generate traffic, by high visibility in the natural search results and high positions for key phrases. This often requires a lot of work and a lot of time for continuous creation of new content and acquiring links that are directed to positioned site.
  • PPC – Google search results, also contain paid adverts. When you purchase sponsored links in Google Adwords, results are immediately visible after launching the campaign. This is main difference between SEO, effects of SEO are often visible after 3 or 6 months of work. Other services where sponsored links are popular and accounted per click is Facebook Ads.
  • Social Media – mostly associated with running a fan page on Facebook. for website, brand or popular place. In reality, there are other similar sites that collects online community: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram and recently popular Snapchat. Not mentioning large number of online forums. It’s worth to focus marketing activities in areas where audience is most similar to your target.
  • Content Marketing – this is nothing more than playing with content. Infographics, presentations, articles, posts and many others that make users finding your website.

Useful tools for monitoring effectiveness indicators of your website

Okay so you’ve determined your goals, you know what indicators are important for you and you know how to promote your website. In this moment you need tools that will support your activities. At first point create an account at google analitycs and connect your website, don’t forget about setting up your conversion in administration panel.

Afterwards, when you are ready set up Ticksters account it will allow you to connect your all accounts Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and even Soundcloud into one place and start monitor your numbers.

At the end remember about setting up your goals that will encourage you to work. If you don’t specify what do you expect from your own business, idea, or start-up, you won’t move forward and you won’t achieve your dreamed success.