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Check how many followers, likes or views you have. This is the easiest way to have statistics at your fingertips.

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Ticksters can display all your statistics from Twitch, Google Analytics, Instagram and many more platforms in one simple place.

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Ticksters are created as simple as it can be. One sight is enough to know how you're doing online. See for yourself.

How it works?

Check what features are available
  • You'll receive weekly reports
  • Create and share public boards
  • Ticksters Weekly Report for Tablet
  • Add as many sources as you need
  • You'll receive weekly reports
  • Create and share public boards
  • Ticksters Weekly Report for Phone
  • Add as many sources as you need

How it works?

Check what features are available

Multiple boards

Design your workflow with planty of boards. You can configure and put boards however you like, according to project, business, activity or any other category. Boards are always at your fingertips. Build, change and form it to your taste.

Public shareable board

Board can be shown to anyone outside of Ticksters with a simple link. You can share it to your clients, business partner or to your website visitors. Show everything you need without logging in.

Weekly report

If you have at least one board with one live tickster, you'll receive a weekly report directly to your mail. Report contains beautiful comparsion between last two weeks. Each board is scored with calculated "smart number" that allows you to compare entire boards between themselves. Notification is sent once a week at 01:30 PM CET

A lot of integrations

Of course this tool cannot exists without external integrations. Connect whatever you like to your account. Facebook, Twitch, Google Analytics, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and many more. And always - if you need any other integration simply let us know and it'll be implemented really fast.

Ticksters is for everyone


Ticksters perefclty suits needs of Gamers, YouTubers, Musicians, Trendsetters or Coolhunters - thanks to integration with most popular social platforms like Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch and many more check how larrge audience you have.


As an Entrepreneur you are able to monitor how is your fan page progressing as well as see real-time goal conversions of your online store. Don't forget to stay close with your audience by posting stories on your social accounts and checking theirs shares, likes or comments.

Marketing agencies

If you are creating thousands of sites for your clients - Ticksters is perfect for you. Create a board for each project and access theirs statistics simply in one place. That's not all. Make one of your board public and share the link to your client, he'll see his stats only using the link.


Builds, branches, commits. Successful, failed or postponed. Monitor your development with team members. See number of incompleted tasks or tasks with high priority. We are going to start support many popular platforms for developers like BitBucket, GitHub, Jira or Trello.

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Efficacy of your website

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Thanks to everyone who joined Ticksters community. We are growing. Have a look at our figures below and see that this tool is real.






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Paweł Tkaczyk about Ticksters

Paweł Tkaczyk

I very like this idea - I was looking for a tool like that for myself. Thanks to Ticksters!

WebWave CMS

WebWave CMS

Very good tool that delivers worth and unique value. It's very easy to configure board and it looks good, very good job :)

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